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Writer of family and children's books meant to inspire, motivate and encourage.

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Cameron S. Matthews' inspiration came from reading Michael P. Waite and Dr. Seuss to her three children when they were small. Now her stories not only include morals and familiar family experiences, but heroes as well.

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This story is about the single act of a young pygmy marmoset against a sizable enemy. Cuarto's act of bravery demonstrates how his wit was more than enough to triumph. Cuarto's story will remind us that the mind can create a solution to any problem. Great story to read to ages 4-6.

Cuarto, the Brave One

This is the story of a 9 year old boy who is a privileged 'only child'. He buys the latest toys to entertain himself and doesn't put anything away. His parents realize that their neglect has allowed him to become terribly irresponsible. A good read in verse for kids between 5-7.

A Very Able Charlie Gable

This short story is about a young child who is a fussy eater. Done in verse and just a bit of fun around a common family topic. Great for ages 6-8.

Marnie McTussy, About Food, Was Quite Fussy

This story in verse is about an elementary school age boy who acts out at school almost daily. Someone in the story took the time to ask, "why?" In the smallest of ways, even in a passing smile, one can change another's life by reaching out. Perfect for ages 5-7.

Silly Billy and Wonderful Will

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This is one of those stories that any hockey family can relate to. A story that reminds parents and young athletes, to enjoy the moments that you're in of your chosen sport. You want to look back at the experience as the athlete and as the parent, with the fondest of memories. Done in verse, great for ages 5-8.

What Memories Have You Made About The Hockey You've Played?

This is a story of a young girl who experiences loss, disappointment and tragedy while growing up. Her life doesn't seem to unfold the ways she had planned and she finds herself feeling lost. Each time life seems to go offtrack she turns to a God that she isn't sure exists. Perfect for ages 10-12.

Are You There?

This is a story of 7-year old Alexis, who moves to a new community where she doesn't feel that she fits in. On her first day of school, Alexis does something extraordinary that may change the way the other kids look at her. A great read for ages 7-9.

An Unlikely Hero (Book #1)

The kids at school bullied Okto for being 'different'. The very things that make Okto "different", might just save the students from danger. A fun story for ages 4-6.

Okto the Octopus

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